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About the Screener

To build the Yando Dyspraxia Screener, the Yando Team worked with Brodie Fenner, an experienced Dyspraxia Diagnostician, Disability Needs Assessor and Occupational Therapist.

Brodie was able to draw on her experience as a diagnostician to develop an effective screening tool that provides students with an accurate picture of their strengths and weaknesses in a comprehensive report.

We felt it was important to collaborate with someone with Brodie's expertise, and are very pleased to see that the quality of the reports has been reflected in the feedback from our users.

Screen a student for Dyspraxia in 3 steps.


Send a screening invite from the Dashboard.


The student takes the screening.


View or download the screening report.
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Taking the Yando Screener was quick and easy - it took me about 15 minutes in total. The report I received gave me a lot of useful information. I would recommend the Yando Screener if you think you may have dyspraxia.

Annie, Cambridge

Exactly what I have been looking for - a dyspraxia test which gave me an idea whether I should go ahead and pay to have a full dyspraxia diagnosis. I completed the screener in about 10 minutes. The report you receive at the end is brilliant, so much useful information. Thanks!

Andrew, Weston-super-Mare